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Mother & Baby

Maternity Belt

Abdominal Binder

Avent®baby bottles, Corine de Farme® Baby Shampoo and Shower Gel, Pigeon® Baby and Maternal Products, Huggies® Baby Diapers, Neocate®and Enfamil® Baby Formula, Saforelle® Femine Product, etc



Mosquito repllent products:

1.OFF! Insect Repellant Cream - contains 7.5% DEET, lasts about 5 hours.
2. Jia Qi Baby Insect Repellant Spray- contains Eucalyptus and Citronella essential oil, safe for pregnant women and infants, lasts over 24 hours.
3. Jia Qi Baby Insect Repellant Patch- contains Eucalyptus and Citronella essential plant oil, safe for pregnant women and infants, patch can be reusable, effect last up to 200 hours. It can be stick to clothings, and furnitures.
4. Jia Qi Baby Itching Relieving Cream - Contains all natural plant oils (menthol, camphor, aloe vera, lavender oil...etc)
5. Saforelle Creme - a Franch skin product for smoothing and calming skin irriation and itching. Originally designed for sensitive skin and femine private area, this product contains a natural plant extract Arctium Lappa, and Dynaphytol burdock; perfect for any skin irriation and itch. I have personally tested this product after biten by mosquitos, it works FAST and COMPLETE in relieving itch.
6.Deep Woods Insect Lotion-contains 25% DEET, lasts about 8 hours
7.Deep Woods Insect Solution-contains 25% DEET, lasts about 8 hours
Product 6 and 7 are designed for customers who are going to be travelling into the heavy infested areas.

All these product range from 20-40RMB each.

We also have electric mosquito repellant plug and electric mosquito zapper.


1 Mini Electric Plus Breastpump(Ⅱ)
2 Mini Electric Plus Breastpump
3 Swing Breastpump
4 Harmony Manual Breastpump
5 Disposable Baby Cup Feeder
6 Breastshells
7 Nipple Formers Formadores
8 Milk Conllection Shells
9 Supplemental Nursing System
10 Soft Cup
11 Special Needs
12 Bresst Milk Bottles (Bisphenol-A Free)
13 Pump & Bottles
14 Quik Clean
15 Disposable Bra Pads
16 Washable Bra Pads
17 Contact Nipple Shields
18 Medela Purelan 100
19 Olivia
20 Saforelle-women care

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